As our progressively orientated business grew we realised that our IT needs were fast out pacing our existing installations and set up, and that we needed professional, ethical, IT support and direction. We were terribly let down by successive in-house IT employees that we hired, and, subsequently we were also let down by an IT firm that we paid astronomical sums of money to, but, which could not deliver on much of anything, except invoices. We were at an absolute loss financially, and in terms of how we could over come the IT problem, which was also leading to data losses and security risks, when Aethyr IT was recommended to us.

From the outset it was clear that Aethyr IT meant to establish mutually beneficial long term relations with us as their client. They invested massive amounts of their own time in repairing and reconfiguring our IT infrastructure at their own cost, and, only once they had comprehensively audited every aspect of our IT needs, did they begin to present solutions and growth path options to us. We have, thanks to Aethyr IT, moved on to a sound network and general IT system platform that allows us to focus on our core business functions and our frustrations are a thing of the past.

Aethyr IT is very professional and very competent – to the extent that they have rolled out massive projects on a proof of concept basis, getting the components installed and systems working long before we paid for the equipment and configuration there of. Their support system and standards are fantastic. When we log a service call, not only are the technicians sufficiently competent to solve the actual IT query at first touch, they are also great guys. This is new to us, and it has made our working lives fantastic. We recommend Aethyr IT to anyone in need of a solidly reliable, knowledgeable and willing IT company that delivers – they set a 5 star standard on all fronts!

You will find that this is a company-wide appraisal of their offering, so if you would like to find out any more information on Aethyr IT, you are welcome to contact our offices, and speak with anyone who answers your call.

Rick Cooper, Cooper College
We have been working with Aethyr IT for 5 years. In that time we have come to know them as an efficient and knowledgeable company who are always on hand to assist with any problem, no matter the size. Their advice and guidance over the years has been invaluable in bringing us to the forefront of technology within our industry. Not to mention the fact that they are just a great bunch of very likeable people.
Colette Smith, World Cargo Services
I would like to thank Aethyr IT, on behalf of Aurora Wind Power, for the great service we have received and continue to receive. Aethyr IT is efficient, always on point and willing to go the extra mile for their clients, the service is excellent!!!
Bridget Maseko, Aurora Wind Power
Aethyr IT responds very quickly and they have a modern approach to customer services that we trust and value highly.
They are reliable, trustworthy and personable people who are good at creating good working relationships. I feel I can approach them any time we have problems or require advise.
Suzette Du Plessis, Avon Peaking Power